Directorate of Health and Safety (DHS)

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The health and safety is one of the most important directorates at the University of Charmo that directly related to University President’s office, and it established with beginning of our university in early 2015.
Our directorate act to provide safe, health and suitable environment to overall employee, employer, staff, student and guests in the university, as well as prevent, decrease and control of any unwanted incident which may occur during the work. 
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Our Vision
To support and obtain a safe, healthy and enjoyable environment by establishing the highest level of health and safety services for staff, students, visitors and guests entering the precincts of the University.

Our Mission
Offer and promote comprehensive health and safety services for the University by developing and implementing effective policies and approaches that avoid injuries and maintain regulatory compliance in the fields of biological, chemical, physical, occupational, and radiation safety, thereby supporting the University's mission in maintaining the highest standards of teaching, research, and community service.

  1. To enable the University operate effectively and allow its staff, students and visitors to undertake their activities without detriment to their health, safety and well being and minimizing undesirable events. 
  2. Establish the instructions and awareness about the community health and safety through workshops, seminars, panels and posters either inside or outside of the university. 

The Health and Safety directory is composed of:
- Directorate office: where the director together with two members of his staff are based. The office is in room number ( ) in the same building with the office of the University President in Chamchamall town center.
Staff are:
Marywan Salih Sttar:
Goran Mohammed Rahim

- Four committees: one in the university presidency building and one for each college as follows:

1. Committee of health and safety in the university presidency building:

Goran Mohammed Rahim: head of the committee
Hussein Saeed Amin: member
Hussein Omer Karim: member

2. Committee of health and safety in the college of basic education:

Shwan Mohammed Amin: head of the committee
Tre Nwri Nasr: member
Aryan Hamid Fattah:member
Fazil Hassan Hama Khan: member
BestunJafar Ahmad: member

3. Committee of health and safety in the college of Education

Parzheen Jabar Mohammed: head of the committee
Shahen Mohammed Fattah: member
Srwa Khalid Kaka Khan: member
Marwan Asad Mohammed: member
TahsinFaruqNamiq: member

4. Committee of health and safety in the collegeof Management and Political Science:

Shilan Ahmad Rostam: head of the committee
Rebin Abdul- Rahman Fattah:member
Shadan Adnan Nayf:member

New Employee Health and Safety Orientation

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All our new employees, including those that are permanent, temporary, or part-time, must receive instruction for the following: 

    a.    Reporting procedures for fire, police, or medical                       emergencies.

     b.       Evacuation procedures during an emergency.

c.    Location of fire alarm pull-stations and fire extinguishers; Employees using fire extinguishers must have previously received training;

d.    Procedures for reporting all accidents and incidents to their supervisors and completing a written online report to university.

e.    Procedures for reporting unsafe conditions or acts to their supervisors, and, when possible, taking action to correct unsafe conditions;

f.     Exact location of first-aid and identification of first-aid certified employees;

g.    Description of HMU and departmental Hazard Communication Program for chemical hazards to which they may be exposed;

h.    Identification and explanation of all warning signs and labels used in their work area;

i.     Use and care of any personal protective equipment they are required to use;

j.     Description of safety training they will be required to attend for their job.  This includes General Asbestos Awareness Training which is mandatory for all employees.